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Standard flavours

Classic vanilla sponge 

This is a moist vanilla sponge along with vanilla buttercream

Victoria sponge

You get a vanilla sponge with strawberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream

Chocolate sponge 

Rich, delicate, chocolate sponge for all lovers of chocolate. This rich chocolate comes with a chocolate buttercream frosting and can be customised with any filling of your choice


A delicious lemon sponge with lemon curd filling plus vanilla buttercream

Coconut Sponge

A soft coconut sponge filled with crunchy coconut bits, coconut syrup and our classic buttercream frosting. This flavour is loved for its crunchy coconut bits. (fillings can be customised)

Classic red velvet

Our classic red velvet is a soft, moist, and buttery sponge cake. It’s slightly chocolaty with a velvety softness and enriched buttermilk flavour.

Raspberry sponge and white chocolate

An airy sponge with crushed raspberry, white chocolate buttercream frosting and raspberry jam filling. This flavour is loved for its fruitiness and it’s rich white chocolate flavour. 


Luxury Flavours

Carrot cake 

Carrot cake made with toasted pecan nuts and crushed pineapple for that added flavour. It’s been moderately spiced so it’s not overpowering and can be combined with white chocolate buttercream.

Pistachio and raspberry cake

A combo that I would recommend for any occasion, it is a  light green sponge, fluffy and with a creamy chocolate buttercream.  It’s perfect for any occasion and a great showstopper to bring as a treat for your friends and family. 

Blueberry cake

In this flavour, the berries are carefully selected to give that juiciness to the sponge. It’s tender, moist and melts in your mouth.


 Passion fruit

Passion fruit sponge with a passion fruit curd and a vanilla buttercream.

Salted caramel.

This is  ideal for anyone that loves a sweet and salty flavour. It is a caramel sponge with a salted caramel frosting.

Raspberry ripple  sponge 

A moist vanilla sponge, with waves of raspberry jam running through it and layered with the classic vanilla buttercream.

Talk to me about all allergies***

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